Another new year is almost here and before we actually step into 2k17 and pace ahead, I would like to dwell upon the wonderful year that 2016 has been for me, on multiple counts.

January, 2k16 was when I finally graduated from JNKVV and bid adieu to Jubbulpore that had somehow hosted me for more than four years. Then was a period of few months at home before I managed to land myself in FRI, Dehradun for my Master’s. This duration was without doubt punctuated by some worthwhile travelling as well as bus –fanning (Aanavandi, of course!)

FRI was (Sorry, still is) altogether a new phase in my life. Though I assumed myself to have a fair inkling of the state of affairs in FRI since I’d been here past Diwali, I was in for a shock nevertheless. I was probably confounded by the diversity in our midst in terms of the people, their lifestyles, habits and eccentricities. Call it a culture shock, if you please. I was at a point of time not sure about whom to latch on to or whom to stay away from. Maybe I wasn’t too sure of anybody as such. But, coincidences followed me everywhere whether it was with Ameen, my roommate or the first encounter with Vishnu.

2016 served me more as eye-opener, if not anything else. My preconceived notions about many people were shattered to mere shards and those fellows proved to be great friends. I was fortunate to be having the kind of friend who could manage to manage to bear my childish tantrums and still stay on with me.

We’ve been through multitude of adventures, all in a relatively short timescale whether it was the trio who’d simultaneously been to ISBT and Railway Station at precisely the same time, playing the prankster with a dead lizard hidden in my notebook, the gang on leopard trail at 3 am, the brisk walks over the campus past one in the night, being worried but still putting on a brave face when it was the question of an year for our friends, safely dropping friends off at the Railway Station despite me being completely lost in ——- stupor or all of those memorable rides during day, alone, throughout entire nights or even when the rest of our batchmates were busy piling up answers in the examination and even having the #register come back in reverse gear to warn us of leopards जबकि हम तो गोलचक्कर पे सब धुआं धुआं कर रहे थे| 😀

It was also the year of multiple expeditions starting with the one in february to Jammu – Srinagar and equally eventful return, the impulsive bus trip to Manali – Rohtang Pass with my two daughters and finally the long bus ride to home, meeting up with many of my childhood friends and reliving those memories enroute.

I was often bold enough to push across crazy ideas and then get them actually implemented fruitfully, this being solely attributable to the few of my friends who stood by me and wished me sincerely (वैसे तू मर जाएगा तो I’ll be the happiest! 😀 )

The fag end of the year also saw me want to finally reclaim myself, thanks to one true friend I have. I have embarked upon it and will strive till I am fully satisfied.

The almighty also played his part equally well, by being there to save my ass before I ended up in deep shit. He literally took me from one adventure to another. (Read, getting picked up by rifle-toting cops before daylight broke, in Agra)

I am indebted to each and every one of you for being the fine people you’ve been, bearing with me always and for having gifted me all these wonderful moments and memorable incidents!

Looking forward to even more in the coming year, let us usher in the New Year with joy, strength, sincerity, optimism and toil to keep it so throughout. May all that you truly wish for come true!

Wishing You a Very Happy and Prosperous New Year 2017!

-The Desi Jungleman

aka Abhishek R Nair